Recap: Redistricting Reform in Ohio

The focus of our second Organizing4UA meeting was redistricting reform in Ohio.  Our guest speaker was Professor Richard Gunther, one of Ohio’s leading experts on the effort to bring fair Congressional districting to Ohio.

Professor Gunther outlined how gerrymandering results in fewer competitive elections, which in turn gives voters fewer choices, undermines accountability of elected officials, and contributes to increased polarization.

As we’ve said many times, Organizing4UA is an action-oriented group. Here are a number of action steps you can take right now:

  1. Donate to League of Women Voters Ohio. LWV Ohio is a founding member of the Fair Districts = Fair Elections Coalition. Click donate, and in the memo, indicate that  your contribution is for “Fair Districts.”
  2. Sign up for email updates from the Fair Districts = Fair Elections coalition
    or get mobile updates by texting DISTRICT to 864237.
  3. Watch for emails from Organizing4UA about volunteering! We will be sending out more detailed information about how you can help gather signatures to get the congressional redistricting reform proposal on the ballot. Stay tuned!

Thanks to Professor Gunther and to all who attended tonight’s meeting.